Consciousness, Creativity and Bliss is an inspirational course at the College for Creative Studies that has opened my perspective to new discoveries and explorations to endless creative potential. This course has motivated me to be open to change and step out of my comfort zone with experimenting with different mediums for my projects. Transcendental Meditation has made an impact on my life. It is a stress relief that is the best natural medicine to help me think clearer in my creative process. Transcendental Meditation has helped me understand who I am as an individual. Rather than contemplating decisions in my head of judgments, Transcendental Meditation has helped me see clearly and make decisions with my intuition and feeling.

This class has educated me with understanding the diversity of different cultural viewpoints and state of mind. With this education I learned that the environment and surroundings can affect the way people think and feel or act. It has opened my perception of how culture affects the way people live. This course made me realize that my aspirations and ambitions are prominent because of my personal and cultural background.

This course helped me grow and develop to be the person I want to be. This course taught me that helping others helps me. I learned that not being truthful always works against me. In this class Professor Beauregard has asked us to keep a journal for all our thoughts from the readings and assignments, this journal helped me support my personal development as an individual with my beliefs and morals. This class is legitimate, sharing opinions and beliefs with my peers proved that everybody who is honest is interesting and real. I know now that the less I worry and the more I do will make me successful. Professor Beauregard has taught me that everything I do always comes back to me, and everyone tries to do the best they can everyday. Most importantly this course has opened my perception that life is not hard anymore, its beautiful.

Julie Bartoszewicz
Student, College for Creative Studies
Detroit, MI