Prior to practicing TM, being a person with ADHD, thoughts were always raging in my head and it was almost impossible to decide what thoughts and ideas needed to be acted on. Even while driving to school or in the simplest of activities my head was constantly overflowing with unnecessary worries or overloading thoughts that sometimes even physically endangered me. Only 3 days after practicing TM, I was able to see my thoughts very quickly aligning themselves and being organized. It’s as if I had a full chalkboard of information, which has been completely wiped clean and now I can pretty much rewrite my mind and it’s no longer an issue of having too many unsorted thoughts in my life. I can now peacefully drive or walk around and instead of having all of these thoughts, now I am able to notice beauty and positivity in my life. I see that the grass is greener or notice the clouds in the sky or the color of someone’s shirt. I’ve tried medication before, but while using medication, I always got a more robotic sense of mind, where it wasn’t clear, but just very regulated.

The medication has always been an issue for me. When I was 14, I stopped taking it because it made me feel too mechanical. Thoughts weren’t coming in the right way and happiness and sadness weren’t as strong as they should be. Emotions and thoughts are necessary. By blocking them out and putting a paper bag over them, you are not solving issues, you are only masking them. With TM, you don’t get the masking or covering up sensation. It’s kind of like a filter of the mind. You are able to distinguish what thoughts and emotions are necessary. Instead of putting them under the rug, you can bring light to the true nature and well being of the mind. Emotions and thoughts aren’t looked down on in TM nor are they ever pushed away or considered a negative. They are just what they are and they are natural. With the experiences learned in TM you can use those thoughts and emotions productively and have them be used and experienced in the right and ideal manner.

In the intro to TM sometimes people are doubtful about it because meditation is looked at as a surreal thing, but if you showed this experience to somebody who has ADHD, they can say, “Yeah, I am in that same place and maybe I can get the same benefits.” This is the ADHD mind being affected by TM. There are so many possibilities to every mind and every mind works in different ways, but this is the way the ADHD mind works.


Jeremy Nelson
Student, Joliet Junior College
Joliet, IL