I learned TM because my mother made me do it. There are far more romantic and enlightened reasons for learning TM but that is my truth. She organized the class, paid the fee and took care of my two babies while I went off to find some peace. Frankly, I thought my mom was kinda pushy on the subject. And while I was admittedly curious, I probably never would have made it happen on my own. It just didn’t resonate at the time.

Over the years, meditating became something I did cause my mama told me to. I innocently plodded along – awake, asleep, mediate, talk, walk, eat, awake. Sometimes it all felt the same — part of the routine of being alive.

As I tell my students, it is the cumulative result of every interaction that confirms and confirms again what it is that we believe to be true. We know ourselves through the roles and routines of our everyday subjective life experience. Fortunately, for me, I slowly started to see myself through the lens of the transcendent. I wove the mediating into my life til it was as natural as breathing. Over time the accumulated stress of life started to melt away. Suddenly I had more room for reflective self awareness. I had more space to reach out and connect with others. The whole beautiful, wide world felt bigger and I could see more and feel more and know more intuitively. Like peeling back the layers of an artichoke, I longed to get to the heart.

The second greatest piece of wisdom my mother ever shared with me was the following: “We only see in others what we hold within ourselves.” The reason I love this wisdom is that it helps me to connect rather than to distance from those around me. It reminds me to see things through a prism of wholeness rather separateness and ultimately it helps me to feel more connected to everything and everyone around me.

I love teaching. And, I especially love students. I see in them aspects of myself and I resonate with their pain, their curiosity, their joy and their anxiety. In my desire to see more of their authentic self shinning through in the classroom, I began to dream of offering them the same opportunity my mother offered me. I wanted them to be able to learn TM easily and within the context of the classroom. Selfishly, I wanted to see them make more space to learn about sociological theory rather than to simply deal with the stresses of living in the 21st century.

Chelsea was the first to take the plunge. It didn’t take much arm twisting and she was off recruiting her peers and encouraging me to create a class where she and her friends could meditate and study together. It has been a remarkable two year journey. The winter semester of “Consciousness, Creativity and Bliss” was a personal high water mark in my teaching career. Chelsea and I were blessed with twenty three of the most remarkable friends. Our semester long journey together was incredible.

Chelsea has decided to open her blog to become a space where students can join us on this unfolding journey. It just seems logical that the first guest bloggers should be some of the “friends” we picked up along the way. We are both hoping that in time other meditating students will find us and share their stories too.

So welcome to this shared space. We look forward to getting to know you!!



Molly Beauregard | Educational Consultant