A healthy man needs to see a doctor after spending time around a group of contagious sick people because he too becomes infected. A clean individual who spends time around a dirty drug scene will eventually start participating and use the drug. If that behavior continues and as a result their quality of life goes down, the best thing they could do is seek help. Individuals in this situation need to learn how to be alright without the addicting drug. There is a type of institution for that. Its called rehab.

The purpose of rehab is to remind you of who you were before you started using. Sometimes I wonder if it is difficult for people to admit addiction because they started down the path so innocently. Initially, they may have even believed that drugs were going to be a good part of their life. Let’s face it; everyone likes likes to experiment and live on the edge from time to time.

In the same way, a human being becomes “sick” when they believe in western consumer culture. It starts early, around the age of seven. Kids start adhering to cultural values in their daily lives. They may still identify themselves as children but they live and act as consumers. Usually by their teen years, they become an addict. The whole person craves to be a part of the culture and the media is the best dealer with the best deals. Usually a drug scene is a small group of users within a society. Imagine, however, a group of users who make up the entire society. They have a hierarchy built up within the society — full of drug lords, the media etc — a society which ENCOURAGES the use of that drug because that is what it is built upon. The consumer culture is the foundation in modern times.

When an entire society is crazy, no one is, because majority rules. The masses overpower the minorities, despite how false the majority may be. So admit it, you are a user of this culture and have been on it for a while now. And you’re fine – or at least you think so. It’s difficult to spot an addict because the majority of the people in the culture we live in are addicts. They resist all help and are in denial. People are sick. When someone commits a crime or hurts someone on purpose, we punish them. However, it is difficult to know how to “punish” a culture that is encouraging negative behavior — that is like punishing a sick person for throwing up. You cannot blame the individual alone because nothing ever happens in a vacuum. The sick environment is the root and the individual is the plant. You have to pull weeds out from the roots, not just chop off the head of the plant. But nobody has the courage to pull out all the roots because we live high in the trees in the familiar forest that is this culture.

To cleanse someone of this disease is the best gift. Even to spread awareness is great. That is why this class, Consciousness Creativity and Bliss, is so helpful because it really is a form of cultural rehab. It strips away all your attachments to the culture and lets you see things with the distorted lens of culture removed. It’s amazing how much information and effort against the grain is required just to bring you back home. Why did everyone leave in the first place? Is it because it is the lowest common denominator? It is sad to see people who are fully committed to this culture and yet are still happy. They don’t know what they are missing. This culture is just the top layer of life. Yet, most people stay in that level only.

We are conscious beings with a cosmic lens, here to witness existence. Human beings deserve more than a Walmart super surface experience of existence. All of this may sound like it is being written from someone who has never had a good time doing what culture insists and is now just a cynical, angry hermit. This is not true though. In order to understand culture you must pass through it, live it, breathe it, and only then will you see what it is like without it. I have fallen to many of the pressures and followed the trends but it always felt superficial. It has good parts for sure, but overall it is not promoting anything worthwhile like love or peace or nothingness. This class is the doctor who tells you that you don’t need the “drug” anymore even if all your friends and family are still using. In the same way people think smoking a cigarette makes them feel better, following a superficial morally flawed culture will not help your true being. There is no need to win. There is no need to dominate. There is no need to prove. There is no need to act. There is no need to race because the race never ends. The only way to win in a culture like this is not to compete.

Luke Mack
Automotive Design student, College for Creative Studies
Detroit, MI