Every now and again, I am blessed with a student whose joyful energy infuses my whole classroom with sense of happiness. It is lovely when this happens as I have always believed emotions are contagious. Last semester, one Mr. Christopher Fry entered my classroom and my heart in one fell swoop. It was impossible not to be charmed. Fortunately for me, Chris a gift that keeps on giving. Despite his entry into “adult world”, we are able to keep in touch through his lovely girlfriend. Jen is enrolled in class this semester. She shares Chris’s ability to influence every space with her sweet sensibility and kind heart.

Last week, Chris came to visit. He shared this picture with me (above). I immediately asked if I could share it with the Tuning the Student Mind family of friends.

This is an experimental self-portrait of Chris and Jen on their front porch. Chris explained the photographic process of capturing such an image. Frankly, he seemed surprised with the magnitude of his technical success. I’m not. This photo may just be the most honest self portrait I have ever had the pleasure of enjoying. He has truly captured his and Jen’s true essence in this picture. Chris and Jen are bodies of light – lit up on the inside with so much goodness it aches to be seen by others.

Molly Beauregard

(Photo by Chris Fry – www.chrisfryphoto.com