Jesus loves you, don’t be tough guy

says man walking his bike this
morning across the cross walk.

Coffee. He smiles. I realize

the words are for me. There are

things to be happy for. December is

Strange. Even just a little bit of sun-

shine warms the heart. Feeling good

is contagious and I feel good. Here is

what I’d like to do more than anything:

clean the sidewalks. I’m only me so

it’d be difficult but that’s OK. It’s

disgusting how a person can spend

so much time on themselves and so

little time on the environment they

interact with but that’s OK. Everything

starts somewhere including people. Mindset:


I find it hard to believe that anyone would

ever look at me and think that I’m a tough guy’.

I think I should hug more people than usual today.

I think from now on I should tell the people I love

that I love them not only after experiencing

turbulence on an airplane. Everybody’s right.

There’s a lot that isn’t fair but there’s also a lot

that is. Mind set : TODAY IS A GIFT. Mindset :



Ian Brown received his MFA in Poetry from The New School in Manhattan this past spring.