March 2015 Book of the Month

Radical when it was first written in 1977, Stalking the Wild Pendulum offered the reader  a revolutionary image of the human mind and the universe. We at TTSM hope our July 2012 book pick reignites the passion for consciousness studies first inspired by Bentov more than thirty five years ago.

In his creative first book, Itzhak Bentov paints a provocative image of the universe as comprised of sound vibrations, light rays, subtle energies, and packets of consciousness. He also discusses his  ideas that our brains are actually thought amplifiers, not thought’s source; that the universe is a hologram, as is the brain; that we can instantly reclaim any information ever known; that our bodies mirror the universe, down to the working of each cell; that we are pulsating beings in a vibrating universe, in constant motion between the finite and the infinite. Research on the non-locality of consciousness and the holographic nature of the brain are now commonly discussed and explored in the field of consciousness studies. However, it was Bentov’s original work that brought these kinds of issues to mainstream science and made them worthy of consideration using well-constructed reasoning and inspired speculation.

Bentov uses clear, imaginative and inspiring language as well as witty illustrations to drive his points home. His exciting perspective on human consciousness and its limitless possibilities inspired many throughout the late seventies and eighties. It just may be time for a second look at this unique take on consciousness studies!