Last month’s assignment “Through the Eyes of Your Child Self” brought us several new voices and highlighted great new perspectives. As a result, we thought we’d toss out a second assignment to our ever expanding TTSM family. We LOVE hearing your stories!

Molly’s recent blog on the impact of mentorship got us thinking about our own favorite teachers. We thought it might be fun to celebrate teachers and teaching on TTSM. As stated in our own mission we are committed to growing a more sustainable teaching model for students everywhere. We’d love to hear about the people who have touched your life or some memorable teaching moments you have shared with others.

Here’s the assignment: – Using the Impact of Mentorship blog post as an example, write about your favorite teacher/mentor or a time when you have acted as a teacher. For example:

• [Being a Teacher] Teaching someone else how to do something can be rewarding. Think of a skill that you’ve taught someone else how to do. Perhaps you taught someone else how to swim, showed someone how to bake a soufflé, or helped someone learn how to study more effectively. Think about the events that made up the process of teaching the skill, and narrate the story for your readers.

• [My favorite mentor] Write about an important lesson you learned from a specific teacher. Think about the way your life might have been different had you not met this person. Your mentor can be a school teacher, a priest, a parent, a friend – anyone who has meaningfully influenced your life or changed the way you see the world.

We can’t wait to hear from you. Send completed blogs (and images if desired) to
Happy Blogging!