You can spend a small chunk of change to have all the ingredients to make all natural household cleaners.

Commercial cleaning ingredients pose a health risk in that, they pollute your home with chemicals you end up ingesting. Ewww.


Here is a nifty website about getting rid of your household cleaners — and it’s actually pretty fun —


Here is my recipe —

1 tbs Borax ($6 for a HUGE box of it that will last a lifetime)

1 tbs Castile Soap (I swear by Dr. Bronners)

2 tbs White Vinegar

1/4 tsp Eucalyptus Essential Oil (Don’t use fragrance or “scented” oils — only essential oils are all natural)

3 drops Tea Tree Oil (antibacterial, antimicrobial AND antiviral)

2 cups Hot Water


Mix all the ingredients in a spray bottle using a funnel and label it “multipurpose cleaner” or something…make sure you don’t drink this please.



You can use this to spray on any surface except glass. I’ll have a recipe for glass cleaner soon.

Use a damp cloth to scrub/wipe the surface after you’ve sprayed.


So fresh and so clean.