I am obsessed with mason jars, especially for food storage. Putting dried food in mason jars not only looks neat but it’s much more organized. And not only is it more sustainable to use glass, studies have shown that the chemicals and toxins in plastics may lead to significant health issues. Using glass is literally better for your health!

Below I have listed a few genius ways to use mason jars, which I found on this website— which lists many more.

Leftovers – Perfect for soups or stews, grains like rice, chopped veggies, scrambled eggs… endless possibilities.

Mason jar meal – You can put anything that you were about to put in a plastic container, in a mason jar instead. Click here to see an example of a meal made in a mason jar (refrigerator oatmeal)

As a drinking glass – With the handy measuring device along side the glass, you’ll know just how much h20 you’re bringing in.

Keeping herbs fresh in the fridge (green onions, cilantro, etc.) – Fill a jar 3/4 full with water, place your bunch of fresh herbs in it, then store in the fridge for herbs that keep much longer than they would in your produce drawer.

Soaking nuts or seeds – Soaking overnight reduces enzyme-inhibitors in nuts and seeds.

Flower vase – Umm

Making your own spice mixes – Cheap and easy. The small jars (1/2 pint or smaller) make ideal spice jars.

Food gifts – Layered food mixes, like dry bean soup or cookies in a jar, look so lovely and homey in a mason jar. Add a pretty fabric or decorative paper label to the lid to make it extra special.


 — Here is a fun DIY to keep your jars labeled

You’ll need:

Mason jars and lids


A can of chalkboard spray paint


  •  Lightly rub all of your mason jar lids (just the flat part) with the sandpaper. This will remove the sheen and make the paint stick better
  • Arrange the lids in a box or on newspaper
  • Spray the lids from about 2 feet away, might need to do a second coat in a couple of minutes


After they dry, you can put the lids back on the jars and label them with the chalk.

Here is a website I found wildly inspiring for other mason jar projects around the house.


So let’s knock off the plastic buying, what do you say?

Chelsea Richer

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