“Consciousness, Creativity and Bliss” was the name of the course that first integrated meditation into the core curriculum at the College for Creative Studies. Later, due to administrative wrangling, “identity” substituted “bliss”. Sometimes, we miss the bliss. Fortunately, we think bliss remains the basis of pretty much everything we do and feel. Just cause we are practical people here at Tuning the Student Mind, we thought it might be fun to offer you some evidence of bliss with our newest Kickstarter backer reward:



We are pleased to introduce a Tuning the Student Mind tote bag!! Designed by a student enrolled in our first experimental semester (when bliss took center stage), this 100% organic tote bag (produced by Port Authority) is perfect for bringing home the groceries. Ellen Coons offered her vision on how students feel after taking a class where mediation is a part of the routine. For a donation of $60 bucks you can take these two “blissed” out kids with you to the market every day. Thanks Ellen for sharing your happiness with us!! To see more of Ellen’s AMAZING work check out her website. Thought we’d share a favorite piece of hers here too. This is the stop motion project Ellen completed while enrolled in “Consciousness, Creativity and Bliss”, Winter 2011.

Here is a close up of the tote bag design. Get yours over at our Kickstarter campaign!