I’ve found that the best way to be happily creative is to live in the flow of things.

New ideas are wonderful; they inspire us, they get our butts in gear, and they put
our hands to work. Without them, nothing new would ever happen! We’d be frozen
in time, generation after generation… we’d still be monkeys.

Our ideas are like our children; they are born from us (sometimes by years of
careful planning, and sometimes by accident) and we want them to grow up to
be big and strong so that we might be proud of them. I think the key to rearing
a healthy idea is the same as in raising offspring: you must give it love, care, and
time, but also give it space. It will never turn out exactly as you expect. The external
environment will always have an unpredictable effect. You might not have the
proper materials, the proper knowledge, or the proper funding to carry out an idea
exactly as you envision it. When this happens, its like your kid went and got an
expensive tattoo or borrowed your car without asking when you wanted to go see
the symphony. But you can’t stop loving it because it disobeyed you, nor should you
beat it until it promises to honor you. You have to let it be free to change and make
mistakes for itself, you have to hug it and kiss it and tell it that everything will be
alright… even if things don’t go exactly as you planned them to. Because that’s the
thing: they never do. So it’s always better to go with the flow, rather than forcing
your idea into a mold that it’s grown too big for.

Ellen Coons
Entertainment Arts student, College for Creative Studies
Detroit, MI