I’ve been all about experimenting with different types of smoothies this summer, and this morning’s smoothie has to be one of my favorites out of all I’ve made so far. For those of you who are vegan, sugar-free, gluten-free, raw (or all) this smoothie is perfect for you; it’s creamy, sweet and delicious without dairy, sugar or gluten!

Serves 2!

What you’ll need (all ingredients recommended organic):

2 frozen bananas (or fresh) – I had frozen my bananas a few days back because they were starting to get pretty ripe and I knew I wouldn’t be using them for a few days.
3/4 cup frozen (or fresh) red raspberries
2 tablespoons raw or roasted almonds
1 tablespoon peanut butter
1 can coconut milk
Sugar-free (sweetened with stevia or other natural sugar-free sweetener) protein powder

Here are two protein powders I recommend from Innate, one of the highest quality supplement brands on the market. All of Innate’s products are derived from whole raw foods. For those of you who are vegan, I encourage you to use this [vegan] protein powder daily. I’m not vegan, but sometimes use vegan protein powder when I don’t feel like having any dairy based products.

Blend together and serve!

With love,
Samantha | Food Fanatic