It’s that time of year. Mid-terms, and the inevitable feeling of being completely drained. I used to always get sick the week of midterms…until I started this ritual.

One time I called in sick to work, and I really was sick. My boss told me to put a few tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar in a glass of water and mix it with honey. She told me to drink this concoction a couple times a day. IT WORKED! I felt great! Except I had to go to work.

Something I learned recently from my roommate was to put a clove of garlic on a spoon and top it with local honey. This is traditionally used as an allergy snap but I have been using it for the common cold. I add a little slice of Ginger for an extra kick.



Also, I highly recommend taking Echinacea.

Since I too have been fighting off illness lately, I have been doing this ritual daily, right after my morning meditation, which by the way will also aid in fighting a cold!

Don’t go purchasing little plastic pill bottles and filling your body with chemicals…everything you need came right from nature!


p.s. I also found this recipe for Honey Lemon Throat Drops. I’m dying to try them.