Under the Weather Ritual

It’s that time of year. Mid-terms, and the inevitable feeling of being completely drained. I used to always get sick the week of midterms…until I started this ritual.

One time I called in sick to work, and I really was sick. My boss told me to put a few tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar in a glass of water and mix it with honey. She told me to drink this concoction a couple times a day. IT WORKED! I felt great! Except I had to go to work.

Something I learned recently from my roommate was to put a clove of garlic on a spoon and top it with local honey. This is traditionally used as an allergy snap but I have been using it for the common cold. I add a little slice of Ginger for an extra kick.



Also, I highly recommend taking Echinacea.

Since I too have been fighting off illness lately, I have been doing this ritual daily, right after my morning meditation, which by the way will also aid in fighting a cold!

Don’t go purchasing little plastic pill bottles and filling your body with chemicals…everything you need came right from nature!


p.s. I also found this recipe for Honey Lemon Throat Drops. I’m dying to try them.



Prep Your Garden for Winter and Plant Garlic!

I absolutely LOVE garlic. If I didn’t know better, I’d try putting it on my ice cream.

There are many things garlic LOVES, too! For instance, garlic loves to increase our blood flow. It naturally increases our body’s supply of hydrogen sulfide, which aids in lowering cholesterol levels.

And on that note, I should mention that due to a history of high cholesterol in my family, I was diagnosed with high cholesterol at the age of 21. You should always be aware of your cholesterol levels, which can be abnormal even if you appear healthy. Changing my diet along with a healthy meditation and yoga practice has allowed me to maintain a healthy cholesterol level without medication.

I also eat a ton of garlic, sometimes raw with a teaspoon of organic local honey…which I highly recommend if you are starting to get cold symptoms!


On to prepping your garden and planting your garlic. This should be done within about two weeks of your first frost. Our first frost came around the second week in October.

First, make yourself a nice cup of chai green tea with a splash of almond milk.

Take care peeling your garlic, leaving some cloves for your spaghetti and keeping the big juicy ones for the soil.


Once you’ve prepared your garlic, it’s time to get dirty. Till your garden’s soil really well using a garden hoe or a shovel. Just mix it up so it’s nice and rich.

I recommend mapping out your plans for planting vegetables and herbs in the spring.

Plant your rows of garlic with about 10 inches between the rows and 5-6 inches between each clove.


Make sure that the pointy tip of each clove is pointing up and the end with the flat tip is pointing down (very important!). They should be about 2 inches beneath the soil.

Mark your garlic row(s) and then top your garden with grass clippings, the perfect source of nitrogen!

We don’t really mow up here in the mountains, so I ripped up the yard to make a path and used the grass to put over the garden bed.

If you feel like going all out, here is a video on how to make a Super Easy 4 X 8 Raised Bed for your vegetable and/or herb garden.

The signs are more evident than ever, we have no choice but to recognize our responsibility to grow and maintain a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. If you are unsure of where to begin, start by designating a space for your garden this spring. Till up some dirt and plant some garlic. You’ll at least feel good from the cup of tea…

Love, Chelsea

P.S. BONUS — Eating fennel seeds helps to neutralize the smell of garlic

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