Body and Breath

Yoga is just as much a practice involving breath as it is a practice involving posture. Even if you are lying still on your mat, as long as you are breathing, you are doing yoga. The significance of breath in yoga is heightened when it is consciously linked with posture. In simplistic terms, upward movements are done while inhaling, and downward movements are done while exhaling. Take, for example, triangle pose, which we examined in the last post. When performing this pose, you would exhale while bringing your hand down to your foot and inhale while reaching your opposite hand up to the ceiling. (more…)

Cultural Rehab

A healthy man needs to see a doctor after spending time around a group of contagious sick people because he too becomes infected. A clean individual who spends time around a dirty drug scene will eventually start participating and use the drug. If that behavior continues and as a result their quality of life goes down, the best thing they could do is seek help. Individuals in this situation need to learn how to be alright without the addicting drug. There is a type of institution for that. Its called rehab.

The purpose of rehab is to remind you of who you were before you started using. Sometimes I wonder if it is difficult for people to admit addiction because they started down the path so innocently. Initially, they may have even believed that drugs were going to be a good part of their life. Let’s face it; everyone likes likes to experiment and live on the edge from time to time. (more…)

The Mind’s Pin Hole

It’s been a long day

A long day of waiting
And a long day of staying

I took my time in meditation
To transcend into my new found consciousness

Time is standing still

I am not moving forward

This picture was taken on purpose
Just to keep me here

My being may be trapped and my body may be getting heavier
While each inhale and exhale brings me deeper

But my mind is still wandering

Wandering into the depths of my brain to find the perfect words
That will be woven later
On the loom of the lined paper

The letters and syllables come together
To create the dialogue of what my mind is always pulling on
My mind is always pulling on me
To sit down
To be here

In the moments of when the shutter clicks
It opens to reveal the burned images

My mind is able to clip away a few words
Of perfect translation


Alicia Stocker
Student, College for Creative Studies
Detroit, MI

A Course for Inspiration

Consciousness, Creativity and Bliss is an inspirational course at the College for Creative Studies that has opened my perspective to new discoveries and explorations to endless creative potential. This course has motivated me to be open to change and step out of my comfort zone with experimenting with different mediums for my projects. Transcendental Meditation has made an impact on my life. It is a stress relief that is the best natural medicine to help me think clearer in my creative process. Transcendental Meditation has helped me understand who I am as an individual. Rather than contemplating decisions in my head of judgments, Transcendental Meditation has helped me see clearly and make decisions with my intuition and feeling. (more…)

How I Got Here

College Essay by Cami Beauregard

3:42 A.M. Shaking, on the floor. Is that normal? What even is that? I was diagnosed with Epilepsy when I was nine years old. To me that meant I was special; God blessed me with something that no other kid had. But to the outside world, I was weird.

My childhood revolved around my brain and how it refused to function the right way. I woke up several nights a week swallowing my tongue and collapsing on my knees to the ground. My mind was so occupied by the nighttime, by its seizures, that during the daytime I could not focus.  My world was a world of earthquakes. (more…)

Believing is Seeing

“By believing passionately in something that still does not exist, we create it. The nonexistent is whatever we have not sufficiently desired.” – Franz Kafka

A few weeks ago, my boyfriend, Myles- who also practices TM- and I got into a heated debate about…afterlife. I would like to say that we discussed such a topic while sipping wine and listening to Mozart. Instead, I will admit that this conversation took place over plastic plates of mac n cheese at the kitchen counter of my apartment. Nevertheless, we both became completely engulfed in the age-old question of whether seeing is believing or believing is seeing. He leans heavily towards the former. I relate more closely to the latter. Chaos ensued. Well, not chaos, exactly, unless one can argue that chaos can be constructive, which this conversation most definitely was. Although, to tell the truth, I don’t remember what exactly sparked the debate in the first place, but I do remember some of its overarching points. (more…)

The Sound of Freedom

Let me sit in silence
Every little striving quelled by the sound of freedom
Memories? Let’s delete ’em, we don’t need ’em.
Let me be inspired by my heart’s desire when I got tired my brain rewired and my empire slowly crumbled
As empires tend to do because peace is found only in the mind
I hope this world is perfectly timed because then I’d be primed for what’s to come let me feel til I go numb–I don’t need to know everything (more…)

Growing Into Meditation

According to, stubborn is defined as “having or showing dogged determination not to change one’s attitude or position on something, especially in spite of good arguments or reasons to do so.” My name is Madeline Beauregard, and I am stubborn. As are most defining attributes, my stubbornness is both a virtue and a vice. I have the ability to narrow my focus and become incredibly determined to accomplish a particular goal. I am winningly convincing in arguments about which I am passionate. At my worst, I become remarkably intolerant and overly critical. Lastly and most profoundly, when my mother asks me to do something, I will not, under any circumstances, want to do it. (more…)


I’ve found that the best way to be happily creative is to live in the flow of things.

New ideas are wonderful; they inspire us, they get our butts in gear, and they put
our hands to work. Without them, nothing new would ever happen! We’d be frozen
in time, generation after generation… we’d still be monkeys. (more…)

La Batarde

I laid on the floor in my Ayurvedic practitioner’s office as she instructed me to breathe deep into my abdomen. “It’s like you’ve been punched in the gut, you’ve lost your breath.” Tears, inability to breathe deep and her instructions to feel the Earth supporting me. It began here four long years ago, this journey to self-preservation. I had just graduated college, moved back to Michigan from Seattle for an internship at a well known ad agency, and I had ended a seven year relationship diving into the next one with someone who wanted me to remain a…. secret. I lost my breath. I lost my grip. There wasn’t any traction. Dramatic? Yes. It was all drama. I needed help.

I remember that day I stopped and then the day I started again. Stopped having clarity. Started having my artistic visions again. I had become clouded. Overwhelmed. I reached out to Molly Beauregard, my former teacher from the College for Creative Studies (CCS), as a touchstone to who I used to be. Where had I gone? (more…)

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