It’s been a long day

A long day of waiting
And a long day of staying

I took my time in meditation
To transcend into my new found consciousness

Time is standing still

I am not moving forward

This picture was taken on purpose
Just to keep me here

My being may be trapped and my body may be getting heavier
While each inhale and exhale brings me deeper

But my mind is still wandering

Wandering into the depths of my brain to find the perfect words
That will be woven later
On the loom of the lined paper

The letters and syllables come together
To create the dialogue of what my mind is always pulling on
My mind is always pulling on me
To sit down
To be here

In the moments of when the shutter clicks
It opens to reveal the burned images

My mind is able to clip away a few words
Of perfect translation


Alicia Stocker
Student, College for Creative Studies
Detroit, MI