Let me sit in silence
Every little striving quelled by the sound of freedom
Memories? Let’s delete ’em, we don’t need ’em.
Let me be inspired by my heart’s desire when I got tired my brain rewired and my empire slowly crumbled
As empires tend to do because peace is found only in the mind
I hope this world is perfectly timed because then I’d be primed for what’s to come let me feel til I go numb–I don’t need to know everything
I’ll go to the grave shouting I don’t know and that’ll be the only time that I’m dead wrong
The dead long for a peace they didn’t find in life
The midwife cries more than the baby
Patience dissipating as I sit around waiting anticipating the next step
I lept from a building only to find that the floor was the ceiling
And I landed like a cat, paws down
My tail was between my legs even though I know there’s no shame in watching yourself beg for mercy
“The clergy was corrupt” they say
But corrupt is just one way to satisfy the urge to get by
We sit by the pond where we can eat because the forrest has a mean streak and the Forrester can’t be found
The tears of a clown flow down up and around not knowing which way to go because gravity doesn’t have the same pull it used to
‘Cause it’s abused too
If only gravity were a limited resource
Then we would all be floating
Sugar coating doesn’t always make something taste better and the bedwetter has something to say
And he said it
In the middle of the night when no one was listening so he pissed himself
Learning the lesson that actions speak louder than words
And leaders speak louder than herds
So demonstrate your power on Earth
Make the world spin in reverse–just to see what happens
You’re the captain, take charge of the ship and sail us to the land of milk and honey
Because the land of silk and money is wrought with hurricanes
We made the pure profane when we sugar-coated it with aspartame
So what’s the cure for fame?
The only socially acceptable addiction is hard work–the sage lives effortlessly

Jake Huzenis