April 2016 Book of the Month

A couple years ago I posted The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield as one of my favorite books. It was in fact the book that helped bring Molly and I together in my first sociology course with her.

The Tenth Insight, also by James Redfield, is the sequel to The Celestine Prophecy and another great read as we enter spring.

“In this exciting sequel to The Celestine Prophecy, in a rich setting of cathedral forests, wooded streams, and majestic waterfalls, your adventure in search of THE TENTH INSIGHT unfolds.

It is a trip that will take you through portals into other dimensions…to memories of past experiences and other centuries…to the moment before our conception and the birth vision we all experience…to the passage of death and the life review we must all face…to the self-imposed isolation of hell, where fearful souls resist awakening…and the love-filled Afterlife dimension where the knowledge of human destiny is guarded and held. And back on Earth, you will see the fear of the future that is endangering Earth’s spiritual renaissance, and you will struggle to overcome this fear by exploring the nature of intuition, synchronicity, and visualization.”