In light of Molly’s recent post on the diminishing value of childhood, we are asking students everywhere to blog about what it feels like to be a child. Many refer to the age of seven as the Age of Reason – the age at which a person is considered capable of making reasoned judgments. Turned another way, perhaps seven is simply the age when our sweet selves begin to feel muddied by our immersion in culture. It is our hope that getting back in touch with the most innocent aspect of yourself will inspire you to see the world through the sweetness of those clear eyes.

Here’s the assignment: Blog about a vivid childhood memory. What did it feel like to look at the world through your child eyes? You might write about the first time you rode a school bus, met a new sibling, played a new game, got sent to the principal’s office, etc. Narrate the events as your child self so that the reader is transported in time and space to feel what it felt like, see what it looked like and experience the emotionality of the inner landscape of your child self.

Let’s remind the world of the sweetness of childhood and do our part to resurrect childhood as a time of meaning and importance! Happy Blogging!

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