Reflections from a Meditating Student


You who has not yet been imagined
will we go to God together?
Or if I can be so ready
would You keep me here?
But if You leave
am I to look
or wait?
For you…
no, something new.
no, something more.
We go to God alone
but your archaic draw
and engaging rebound is
the magnetism of the soul
to the soul that is the beautifully
cohesive brilliance of existence
yet defined by science.
But what is so untouched
by our drive to know?
Through Unity
we find Love
and that is God.

Still, I must go
farther to find You.
Abandon all logic
and release myself
to whatever I could
imagine you to be.
daring and boldly
into the unknown
Where would we be
if we all left this cave?
Insatiably curious
Beckoned by dreams
I will find You
who has been yet imagined


Kyle Dornan | Joliet Junior College